ST327 Gigabit Speed Tester

Support Static IP, DHCP, PPPOE networking configuration. It can setup download the number of threads. It can setuo test time.

Product Details

Gigabit Speed Test Main Function and Specifications

1. Speed test specification

We can achieve Gigabit speed test


2.Network configuration

• Support static IP, DHCP, PPPoE network configuration

• You can set the number of threads to download

• You can set test duration

• You can set the speed test address.


Operating Instructions

Function description: cable connection, fiber connection

Instructions for use: click on the "Giga speed test" button in the Android program , open the Gigabit speed, it have Test"


2.1 Test


2.1.1 Module initialization

Function description: Gigabit speed module power on and initialization.

Instructions for use: Connect tested line to the PDA,waiting for the completion of initialization

2.1.2 Parameter configuration


Function description: configure the network connection mode, test duration, the number of threads and speed test URL (URL  can be empty in the actual use, and the speed module using the default download address)

Instructions for use: click the network connection mode, fill in the parameters according to the requirements

2.1.3 Start test


Function description:Start to Gigabit speed test.

Directions for use: click the "Test" button to start the test.

2.1.4 Stop Test

Function description: Stop the ongoing test  

Directions for use: Click Stop key to stop test


2.1.5 Retest

Function description: To test again

Directions for useClick Test enter retest process


2.1.6 Exit Test

Function descriptionExit Gigabit speed test


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