Solar Security Camera

SENTER ST2303B Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera can do remote site surveillance and is used in the place without power electronic network.

Product Details

ST2303B Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera

ST2303B can do remote site surveillance and is used in the place without power electronic and net work.

It is powered by solar panel, communicates by GSM,3G,4G Sim card with the computer system or mobile phone app.

ST2303B solar powered outdoor security camera 1

It is composed by three parts as above:

■ Front-end surveillance camera with solar panel

■ Web APP or mobile APP

■ Server (you can choose our server or yours)

Part 1: Front-end surveillance camera

solar security camera 1

Camera Main Function and Features

Take photos

Real-time video: 15s

■ Wireless communication: Telecom, Unicom, Mobile 2G/3G/4G wireless transmission, Operators can be selected according to local conditions .

■ Mobile terminal management:Through Wechat platform, it can achieve the management for monitoring targets through mobile phone.

■ High definition: 8 Million pixels

■ Durable:  Continuous power supply will be for more than 30 days, service life will be more than 5 years.

■ Light:  Weight(including the solar panel and bracket) is about 4.5KG, it is easy to install and labor saving.

■ Small Size:  One-tenth of  the original video monitoring device.

■ Military protection grade:  IP65 industrial protection grade

■ Solar-powered:  Can be used in the circumstance of no power supply.

■ GPS positioning:  Find the fault point accurately

■ Cost-saving:  Intelligent analysis,filtering out 95% trouble-free pictures, saving data traffic.

Performance and specification


8 million pixels, Pixels can be set

according to the needs of the

scene, the minimum image

resolution is up to 3200*2400

Supervisor shoot cycle

Default collection interval is 1 hour, collection interval can be set free.

Picture collection mode


Protective Grade


Positioning function

Support GPS

Communication mode

Telecom, Unicom, Mobile 2G/3G/4G wireless transmission, 

TD-LTE B40/B41;LTE-FDD B1/B3/B7; WCDMA B1/B2/B5;GSM B2/B3/B8

Size of the solar panel

About 0.1m2(340mm*290mm)

Testing and debugging

Testing and debugging on the condition of no disassembling

Machine weight

About 4.5Kg( including the solar panel and bracket)

Battery capacity



Continuous power supply will be for 30 days, if the battery is single full charge charged

Bracket material

304 stainless steel


It can be suitable for different kinds of Pole and Tower, like Angle steel tower, Cement Poles,steel tube pole etc.

Service life

More than 5 years

Part 2: Web APP introduction

This App is used for line monitor of tower, for different applications, we can sustom design the APP

Web App: it is a web based graphical interface for controlling and accessing Camera

Mobile App: through mobile App, it can achieve the manegement for monitoring target through mobile phone.

■ Inspection device takes pictures and uploads in real time Web App.

■ Monitoring center processes intelligently and selects artificially.

■ 100% web based-runs on any web browser from desktop or mibile device-on app to install.

■ Multiple levels of access control 

■ Share and export images web pages

■ View multiple cameras from one account

Parts 3: Installation

Two person,three steps,ten minutes

SENTER ST2303B remote 3g security camera solar powered outdoor

■ Two person operation:  One person on the ground and one person on the tower can complete the installation of the whole set of device.

■ Three steps:  Simple adjustment under the tower, Minor adjustment to fix on the tower, testing transferred pass on the ground

■ Ten minutes:  The installation of the device can be completed within ten minutes.

Ater installation: engineer will do some camera setting to make it work with App and server.

Part 4: Application

solar security camera 3solar security camera 4

Part 5: Optional Functions

Power mode

10AH battery+Capacitance+12w 

solar panel

20AH battery+30W solar paneloptional
Normal camera 8mpstandard
Wide-angle cameraoptional
Daytime+Night Visionoptional
External expansion
Two side directions cameraoptional
Temperature test moduleoptional
Acousto-optic alarmoptional
Bird repellentoptional

Please visit to watch the video of Senter ST2303B. 

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