SENTER ST3300 1310/1550 OTDR Tester

Telecommunication construction and maintenance CATV construction and maintenance Cabling system Optical components production and research Other fiber-optics projects

Product Details

I. Brief Introduction

As fiber optics plays more and more important role in modern telecommunication and CATV networks, the requirements to the construction, test and maintenance of fiber optics links also become more prominent.

ST3300 is a unique product mainly designed for construction and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV networks. ST3300 can be widely used in engineering construction,maintenance test and emergency repair of all fiber optics related systems. Comparing with a regular OTDR, ST3300 is more compact in size and easier for field use.

   ST3300 has handheld design, compact and lightweight, easy to carry. Event information through TFT color display and data storage capabilities. Through the USB interface, the test data can be uploaded to the PC, to facilitate the post-processing,

archiving and printing.



II. Main Features

-- Hand-held design, compact and lightweight;

-- Anti-seismic, shockproof and appropriate for field operation.

-- Unique hotkey design

-- Starting in 3 seconds measuring immediately  

-- Narrow event blind zone, simple test of fiber patchcord  

-- Automatic and manual test function  

-- High Capacity SD card

-- Low-power design, optical lithium battery or AA-size alkaline batteries

-- Simple, fast, without complex training

-- VFL (Visual Fault Location) function

-- Multiple light outputs, FC/ST/SC exchangeable

-- OTDR Viewer software for data analysis

-- Light alarm function, preventing the device from being damaged by the signal light

III. Specification






Sensing Fiber

Single mode fibers

Dynamic Range (dB)(1)



Pulse Duration(ns)


Dead Zone(m) (2)

<3m(Reflective Event)

<10m(Non-reflective Event)

Attenuation Detect Accuracy(dB/dB)


loss Resolution(dB)


Sampling Resolution(m)


Distance Measure Accuracy(m) (3)

±(1m+5×10-5×distance+sampling space)

Max Measuring Distance (km)


Data Storage

>10000 records

Averaging Time


General Specifications






Operating Temperature 0°C-50°C

Storage Temperature -20°C-60°C

Relative Humidity


Battery life

>8 hours

Interface Type


FC(ST/SC Interchangeable)/PC


USB/SD card

Matching Function Modules

Visible Fault Locator

Wavelength: 650nm; Farthest distance test:5Km

Stable light Source Module(4)

Wavelength(±20):The work of OTDR with wavelength


(1)    The dynamic range is SNR =1 the maximum pulse width within averaging time of 3 minutes

(2)    Conditions for dead zone measurement: reflection strength beleow-45dB, Event Dead Zone with 10ns pulses width measurement, Attention Dead Zone 50ns pulse width measurement.

(3)    Do not include due to refraction caused by the uncertainty.

(4)   Stable source and CuteOTDR sharing the same light port and Cute OTDR work wavelength consistent.

IV. Applications

Telecommunication construction and maintenance

CATV construction and maintenance

Cabling system

Optical components production and research

Other fiber-optics projects



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