ST815B High Stabilization Handheld Laser Source Optical Fiber Optic Light Source Telecom Tester

Features and Functions · High stabilization · Two to four wavelengths optional · Continuous light, modulated light output · Output double wavelengths through single adapter · Output three or four wavelengths through double adapters · Auto shut off function without operation in 10 minutes · LED...

Product Details

Features and Functions

· High stabilization

· Two to four wavelengths optional 

· Continuous light, modulated light output 

· Output double wavelengths through single adapter

 · Output three or four wavelengths through double adapters 

· Auto shut off function without operation in 10 minutes 

· LED backlight switch on/off· Auto close backlight in 8 seconds 

· Low voltage checking and shut off to save energy

· Handheld, big LCD, easy to operate 

· Automatic wavelength identification mode (with the help of corresponding power meter)

General Specifications


Tech Specifications
Emitter typeFP-LD/ DFB-LD
Output wavelength switch (nm)
ST815 Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm ST815B Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm, 1490±20nm for PON Network ST815C Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm, 850±20nm, 1300±20nm ST815D Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm, 1625±20nm ST815E Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm, 650±20nm ST815 Multi Mode: 850±20nm, 1300±20nm
Spectral width (nm)≤5
Output optical power (dBm)≥-7, ≥0dBm(customized, 650 nm≥0dBm)
Optical output modeCW continuous light Modulization output: 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 330Hz AU automatic wavelength identification mode (It can be used
with the help of corresponding power meter, red light doesn’t have automatic wavelength identification mode) 650nm red light:2Hz and CW
Power stability (dB) (Short time)≤±0.05/15min
Power stability (dB) (Long time)≤±0.1/5h
Working temperature0-40
Storage temperature (℃)-10~70℃
Weight (kg)0.22
Dimension (mm)160×76×28
Battery2 pieces AA dry battery or Li battery, LCD display

Company Profile


Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a Telecommunication test and maintenance solution provider. Annual sales 50 million USD in year 2018. SENTER owns more than 400 staffs, covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Main product include Android Telecom Test PDA, PON ID Reader, 10G/1G PON Power Meter, ONU tester, OTDR, Fusion Splicer, VDSL Tester, OPM, Laser source.


· Shandong SENTER is the first short-listed enterprise of China Unicom and China Telecom Group's instrument centralized  purchasing collection

· Telecom Test PDA ST327 has been sold more than 150,000 units  in Markets,Markets share first in China operators

· Fully passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification

· Products comply with CE certification, has software copyright 34 items

· SENTER has total 161 patent applications, including 49 invention patents

· “High-tech enterprises” and “software companies” granted by the government

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