ST3100B Digital Fiber Fusion Splicer

ST3100B is new designed fiber splicing equipment. The powerful function and super low splicing loss make it be competent for construction of trunk line and FTTX: Because of the compact configuration and precise mechanism, it can adapt to execrable environment; the novel fiber imaging system make the image clearer and more exquisite; the real-time embedded OS provide friendly man-machine interface and abundant functions. The built-in large capacity Li-Ion battery can support long-time fieldwork. The embedded sensors measured temperature, humidity and air pressure supply closed-loop feedback control, so the instrument can adopt all kinds of atrocious circumstance and the consistency of splicing loss was improved.

Product Details

Main Features:

l 5 inches high Resolution colorful LCD display

l Average splice time: 10 second

l Average tube-heat time: 30 second

l Lithium battery: up to 180 times of continuous splice and heat

l Simultaneous X and Y views with 180 times magnification

l New developed technology providing wind and dust resistance

l Splicing mode: Auto & Manual & Full-Automation

l USB Port

l Storing 6,000 groups of splice results.

l Multipurpose optical fiber fixture (Such as: Rubber-insulated wire, fiber optic patch cord, bare fiber)


Main Technical Parameter


Fiber Core Alignment

Applicable Fiber

SM, MM, NZ-DS, EDF ,Pigtail, Rubber-insulated wire Series

Average  Splicing Loss

0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(NZDS), 0.04dB(EDF)

Return Loss


Tension Test


Splicing Program

50 groups

Protection Sleeve Length

20mm, 40mm, 60mm


Chinese, English

Environmental Conditions

-10~+50℃(operation temperature),0~95% RH(humidity),


Power Supply

AC adaptor: 100~240V input voltage,  50/60Hz; 12V, 5A output voltage(DC) DC adaptor: 12V voltage 8AH





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