ST327 Telecom Test PDA -Solve Your Problem At Once

ST327 Telecom Test PDA -Solve Your Problem At Once

May 17, 2019

Due to ST327 have big success in China, almost control all telecom market. Like ChinaUnicom, Chinatelecom, Chinamobile, they all use ST327, and realize each field engineer have one unit ST327.


I really want to recommend it to your country telecom, copy china module can bring us big profit.

Now I will introduce ST327 biggest sales point—Super PC 


New buildings fiber project acceptance. 

Telecom person only bring ST327 can check the network.

ST327 Telecom Test PDA 1

Opening network account when user move to new building.

ST327 combine with telecom software, telecom person operate everything from ST327, like get an order, go to customers install network, after install, test the speed. At last, press “finish” from ST327. Control all telecom person work.


Locate fault

When user's home is no internet. They will call telecom to repair. Telecom person only bring ST327 to locate fault, and repaired.


In the whole process, only bring our ST327! Totally instead of PC!

ST327 Telecom Test PDA 2

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