Shandong SENTER Electronic Co., Ltd. Basketball Match

Shandong SENTER Electronic Co., Ltd. Basketball Match

May 16, 2019

On the morning of May 11th, a fierce basketball match was held in our company's basketball court. At the beginning of the game, SENTER team scored two goals to make the game quickly enter the fierce state, cheering and screaming, the score constantly changed. After the first half, SENTER team was temporarily ahead.

SENTER Electronic Basketball Match 1

As time went by, the second half of the event also entered a white-hot stage. Our competitor rushed all the way, and eventually the two sides tied with a score of 60:60.

The extraordinary momentum of the players on the field is a landscape. The salesman who is urgently shipped the goods outside the basketball court is another beautiful scenery. These are all positive style of SENTER.

This basketball match is full of friendship. We believe that the two companies will have a further cooperation attitude and a deep stable cooperative relationship in the future.

SENTER Electronic Basketball Match 2