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SENTER ST327 New Function Released- Support WIFI Inspection Probe

May 20, 2019

ST327 new function release-Support  WIFI Inspection Probe

SENTER ST327 released its new function--Now it support Wifi connect inspection probe and offer more options for clients.

WIFI optical fiber inspection probe transmits pictures to mobile phone through WIFI signal and display, easy to carry and clearly judge the condition of the optical fiber end, for example scratches and dirt. WIFI optical fiber inspection probe is built-in independent WIFI signal, with high-definition CCD and lens displays the image on the mobile phone. The whole series adapters can satisfy all kinds of optical fiber inspect demands.

1. Longer use life and better imaging quality

2. Use WIFI signal, the connection is convenient and stable(Co-work with ST327 or any Android os cell phone)

3. Clear image acquisition software

4. Many kinds products inspect function