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Hot Sale Product-- Senter ST3100F Fusion Splicer

May 14, 2019

After sell for 6 months, Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd. ST3100F fusion splicer reaches almost 100% positive feedback from customers because of the fast and stable splicing performance.
As different from traditional products, the SENTER ST3100F is type of samrt size splicer with the following advantages:
◆ 7s fast splicing
◆ 4400mAh li battery 
◆ 1.6kg with battery 
◆ 4000 times electrodes discharging
◆ 4 motors accurate core alignment 

Senter ST3100F Fusion Splicer

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More information about Senter ST3100F Fusion Splicer please visit: https://www.senter-e.com/optical-fiber-testers-and-tools/fusion-splicer/st3100f-fusion-splicer-splicer-machine.html