35b Finally Arrives. KPN Netherlands Requires Broadcom Chips On Both Ends.

35b Finally Arrives. KPN Netherlands Requires Broadcom Chips On Both Ends.

May 25, 2018

Vplus, better known to the industry as 35b, uses twice the bandwidth of the 17 MHz VDSL for speeds that can reach 200 megabits downstream and 20 megabits upstream. KPN has 600,000 lines ready for sale, the first substantial deployment announced. Apparently, the wholesale cost of the service is 23 euros + VAT. KPN retail adds 8,90 euro for a total of about 32 euro. Other retailers will have slightly different pricing. (I'm working in Google translate but believe I have this right.)

They are limiting the service to customers within 400 meters although the system is designed for 600-800 meters. I assume that choice is based on the results they are finding with the available equipment. They are using Broadcom chips and requiring the home gateway also to use Broadcom.  

Deutsche Telekom has several million lines in place, waiting for the engineering ok to start selling them to customers. 

Some senior DT officials say that will be by the end of 2018. Others expect a delay into early 2019. Deutsche Telekom is likely to sell a speed of "up to 300 megabits," but I'll wait for independent testing before reporting actual speeds. Glen Post at Century thought they would get those speeds for 1000 meters but I assume his successor knows better.

It's been a long time coming. The standard dates to 2015. First deliveries were promised by Alcatel for 2016. Broadcom chips using the extended frequencies were delivered in 2017 but the necessary vectoring gear has not been ready. 

Here's some information from KPN.

Vplus on WBA / VULA coming

If you are interested in Vplus, it is important that your modem has the right chipset that supports this.
In the newsletter of 23 March. Vplus announced. With this new access technology is 200 / 30Mbit / s (down / up) achievable over a single copper line. Meanwhile, the deployment in full swing and already planned addresses are visible in the FPI. From May 24, 2018 Vplus is already more than 620,000 addresses in the Netherlands ordered and that number will increase further in the course of 2018.

Despite the fact that support multiple chipsets Vplus has now been found that a Broadcom chipset that supports 35MHz is currently working optimally. In the future we expect to be able to support multiple chipsets but for the next time you still need to use modems with Broadcom chipsets. This is also adjusted in the CPE connection requirements in Annex 2 to the Framework Agreement WBA.