SENTER outdoor camear solar powered

SENTER outdoor camear solar powered

Sep 22, 2017

China's first true "transmission line channel visualization solution" provider

♦ Shandong Electric Power Company in 2016 State Grid Transmission Video Conference focused on reporting and recommended project cooperation manufacturers

Key Technology of Science and Technology in Shandong Province in

♦ Jointly developed with Shandong Electric Power Company and Zibo Power Supply Company

♦ In the first quarter of 2016, more than 15 provincial companies in the national network were applied, and Shandong Electric Power Company has deployed a large area

♦ This product has been nearly 20 invention patents, nearly 10 software copyright

♦ To promote the national network Zibo power supply company to become the first use of the national network of thousands of long-range inspection device investment area

♦ By 2015 Shandong Province Electric Power Company Science and Technology Award, Technology Innovation Award two prize

♦ 2016 by the Shandong Electric Power Company top ten technical innovation achievements