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PDA main types

Jan 22, 2017

Handheld computer of core is operating system, currently market Shang of handheld computer main used two class operating system: a is increasingly perfect of Palm operating system, currently using Palm system of handheld computer in world market share in the accounted for to 65% above, main has Palm, and IBM of Workpad, and Sony of Clie and TRGpro, and Handspring, Palm computer, another a is is Microsoft Win CE series, although started late, But broke the Palm OS dominate the situation, but also because the Win CE licensing is widely used, most PDAs are now using Win CE system, including Lenovo, founder of the domestic as well as foreign HP, COMPAQ and other companies have launched Win CE PDA. As two big operating system, used PalmOS of products battery using time than used Win CE of products long; configuration color display of products no monochrome display products of battery using time long; in multimedia performance Shang, Win CE to than Palm good some; and operation interface and application performance Shang, WinCE can let user more started; addition, in software of number Shang, Palm to than Win CE more some.